about #Forwardshape™

#Forwardshape™ Empowers You To:

  1. Love your body today
  2. Think differently about your value
  3. Feel differently about your shape
  4. Take simple concrete actions towards freedom
  5. Speak hope over your body
  6. Speak hope over your shape
  7. Break chains of shame & regret
  8. Break chains of unbelief & unforgiveness
  9. Live hopefully #shapehope
  10. Live joyfully #shapejoy
  11. Empower healthy lifestyle actions one day & one thought process at a time

For DAILY EMPOWERING FORWARDSHAPE join us on the Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/forwardshape & email list.

A little more about us:

We like to laugh & think humor makes life easier.

This entire movement came to be when one of our Founders struggled with the thought “I’m so tired of trying to get back in shape, can’t I just go forward instead?” and couldn’t find the daily help they needed….thus Forwardshape, the multi-generational empowering movement breaking chains over shape, was born.

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